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Guided downstream by the mighty Olentangy River and just one mile south of the village of Caledonia, our 5 acre property houses a wide range of habitat and scenery. From the ever-present towering hardwoods to the seasonal pooling, Ohio’s diverse wildlife thrives throughout Terradise Lane and Trails. Terradise Nature Center strives to “inform and engage our communities in their natural history, heritage and resources.” This is done by the drive of our Board and staff enthusiastically facilitating the education and study of Terradise Nature Preserve, the Olentangy River and associated wetlands and forest.

2021 Calendar
2021 Calendar

2021 Terradise Calendar

Our 2021 Wildlife Calendar, feature scenes from around Marion and Morrow County, are available on our website! We are beyond thrilled to have so many accomplished, local photographers and artists represented in this year’s edition. All proceeds will be utilized in upcoming community conservation projects.

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Director’s Message (1/19/21)


January had a great gift in store for Terradise!

It seems that we have a beaver along our stretch of the Olentangy and we could not be more excited!

The European demand for beaver pelts and hats led to the near extinction of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) in the early 16th century. By 1515, the fur trade and exportation from the “New World,” and its seemingly unlimited resources, had picked up, especially in the Great Lakes Region. Native Nations were happy to trade pelts with Europeans for goods like metals. French and Dutch trappers had also moved steadily into the area in order to capitalize on the popularity of the American beaver (Castor canadensisi). Eventually, this led to a sharp decline in North America’s largest rodent populations. Luckily, the species was able to hold on just in time for conservationists of the 1800’s to recognize that wildlife populations would not survive the continued unregulated harvesting from individuals and for commercial purposes. The conservation story of the American beaver is not only integral to early Ohio settlements, but also the North American Model for Conservation.


Our Holiday Trees for Fish Habitat project is well underway! Over the weekend we loaded well over 100 trees to send to Mount Gilead State Park. We plan to sink these trees in Mount Gilead lake on Jan. 23rd. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ethan Simmons (ODNR Fish Biologist), Kara Blomgren (Army Corp. of Engineers Natural Resource Specialist at Alum Creek) and Lora White (ODNR Parks Manager at Mount Gilead State Park ) about this project and it’s significance for our local sport fish! Catch our article here.

Terradise is looking for volunteers in February! Our second Feet on the Ground; Hands-on Conservation project will be a prairie clearing on the 3-acre plot just north of the Nature Center. We will be holding a volunteer day on February, 20th to eradicate the invasives (autumn olive, honeysuckle, multi-flora rose, etc.) and remove woody growth from the area. Overall, we want to establish an area representation of the Sandusky Plains of the past. This volunteer date will have work for all ages and experience levels. Please contact me at tbutler@terradise.org if you are interested in helping us out!

Prairie Clearing Banner

Our partners in this effort have been working hard to encourage and supply native Ohio plants for landscape and wildlife habitat. Natives in Harmony is located in Marengo, Ohio and has been instrumental in the reclamation of a historic Ohio. Native’s in Harmony will be supplying our project plants and seeds to encourage historic plant growth and helping to develop a management plant for the plot.

If you would like to support us in our conservation efforts in the bi-county area, but may not have the time to volunteer, the easiest way to do so is by joining our “Donor Forest” at either Patreon or Terradise.com. Support starts at as little as $5.00/month!

Thank you to TNC Board members David and Jed Haldeman for putting the work in on re-roofing the “shack.” A fresh coat of paint in the spring will really bring this structure back to life! We are excited for our improvement projects to come!

Lastly, Terradise would like to take a moment to apologize to Shannon Maynard, an artists and contributor to our 2021 Wildlife Calendar. Shannon’s beautiful photo, which you can find paired with the month of October, shows the sun peaking through an autumn canopy in Meyer’s Woods, Marion County. Unfortunately, this photo is miscredited to another artist in an earlier version of the calendar. All further calendars have been altered to credit each artist accurately.


Tyler Butler, Director

Citizen Science

Along the Olentangy


CSAO is a palette of seven programs with the goal of introducing grades k-8 to the scientific process and amateur data collection through their natural resources. Programs include wildlife surveys, water quality monitoring and more.

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The Romine Residence is the central structure on property. This quant abode, finished in 1952, houses 70 years of Terradise history. Rent long-term through Air bnb or contact us to schedule an event.

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Twelve unique volunteer opportunities hosted by Terradise throughout 2021. These projects are great for all ages and include events, such as, duck box building, habitat restoration and river clean-ups.

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