READ: June 22, 2021 Newsletter
Summer is here! ECO Camp in full swing. Tyler Butler featured. Fish arrive at Terradise.

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This week at Terradise, we have more brood X cicada news! ODNR offers free fishing June 19-20. Natives in Harmony is giving away trees and bushes! ECO Camp spots remain for July. Tonight (June 11th) is the free Juneteenth Freedom and Fitness walk!

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Bi-County Bird-a-thon success! ODNR Bloom Report. Cicadas for Dinner? Sign up for ECO Summer Camp.

Welcome to the Terradise Nature Center

Guided downstream by the mighty Olentangy River and just one mile south of the village of Caledonia, our 5 acre property houses a wide range of habitat and scenery. From the ever-present towering hardwoods to the seasonal pooling, Ohio’s diverse wildlife thrives throughout Terradise Lane and Trails. Terradise Nature Center strives to “inform and engage our communities in their natural history, heritage and resources.” This is done by the drive of our Board and staff enthusiastically facilitating the education and study of Terradise Nature Preserve, the Olentangy River and associated wetlands and forest.

Director’s Report: April 27, 2021


As April winds down we find ourselves heading into one of the most exciting times of the year! The spring warbler migration!

Warblers are wonderful palm-sized, neo-tropical, insectivorous birds making their way north into breeding territory after spending the winter feeding in Central and South America!

There are over 30 species of warbler that can be spotted in Ohio, however, most will not visit your feeders.

Photo: Ray Hennessy

The trick to these birds is knowing the proper habitat to look for and song the listen for.

For instance, the stunning common yellowthroat, with their white brow, black mask and bumblebee-yellow throat, can be spotted in the thick shrub-vegetation of marshes and wetlands. They also noisily chatter their withcety-witchety-witchety with consistency and enthusiasm.



Join Terradise Nature Center and Headwaters Outdoor Education Center for one wild 24hr species survey.

Beginning at 5pm on Friday May 14th and lasting all the way through the 15th at 5pm, Marion and Morrow Counties will become the hub for one of Ohio’s largest avian species counts right in the midst of our neo-tropical warbler migration.

The goal of the Bi-County Bird-a-thon is to promote the citizen science of wildlife surveys and to educate our community on avian migration.

Teams can count more than one location of the 24hr period, but must remain as one unit throughout the

 count (no splitting up). Each team will choose a “Lead” that will be responsible for reporting after their team finishes spotting in each location.

Bird identification and species listing is reliant on the “honor system.” Teams can choose to bird for the entire 24hr period or for as long as they are comfortable.


A reminder to get outside this month,


2021 Calendar
2021 Calendar

2021 Terradise Calendar

Our 2021 Wildlife Calendar, feature scenes from around Marion and Morrow County, are available on our website! We are beyond thrilled to have so many accomplished, local photographers and artists represented in this year’s edition. All proceeds will be utilized in upcoming community conservation projects.

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Citizen Science

Along the Olentangy


CSAO is a palette of seven programs with the goal of introducing grades k-8 to the scientific process and amateur data collection through their natural resources. Programs include wildlife surveys, water quality monitoring and more.

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barns plus 598

The Romine Residence is the central structure on property. This quant abode, finished in 1952, houses 70 years of Terradise history. Rent long-term through Air bnb or contact us to schedule an event.

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Twelve unique volunteer opportunities hosted by Terradise throughout 2021. These projects are great for all ages and include events, such as, duck box building, habitat restoration and river clean-ups.

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