READ: September 2, 2021 Newsletter
This week’s update includes… Olentangy Clean-up Success! A Bite of Nature, EP 1, Marion Voices Workshop tonight (9/2/2021)!

READ: July 20, 2021 Newsletter
Summer is moving along at Terradise! Read about what’s happening this week: A Mycologist’s dream! Exploring the Night at Terradise, Olentangy River Clean-up DATE CHANGE, Marion Voices Summer Workshops, New ODNR Wetlands Projects.

READ: July 8, 2021 Newsletter
Summer Heat! Terradise River Clean-up + Cheeseburgers in Terradise. Morrow County Parks acquires Flying Squirrel Preserve. Report diseased birds.

Welcome to the Terradise Nature Center

Guided downstream by the mighty Olentangy River and just one mile south of the village of Caledonia, our 5 acre property houses a wide range of habitat and scenery. From the ever-present towering hardwoods to the seasonal pooling, Ohio’s diverse wildlife thrives throughout Terradise Lane and Trails. Terradise Nature Center strives to “inform and engage our communities in their natural history, heritage and resources.” This is done by the drive of our Board and staff enthusiastically facilitating the education and study of Terradise Nature Preserve, the Olentangy River and associated wetlands and forest.

Director’s Update (7/8/21)

This July heat is no joke! We are spending our days around here trying to find ways to stay cool.

While we have the ability to control our indoor climates and the ability to carry resources like water on our person, wildlife do not have the same capabilities. So how do animals beat the heat?

Rabbits will use their long ears to radiate heat by taking blood away from the core of their bodies to cool off a

few degrees before heading back toward the heart. Estiviation is a state of dormancy, similar to hibernation, that some species of snail and toad will enter if temperatures are too extreme. You’ve probably noticed your dog panting under the sun. Breathing rapidly will help excess heat escape the body. Some animals simply hide out in shaded shelters or underground to escape the climbing degrees!

We want to thank the amazing education group from Marion’s YMCA summer program for visiting Terradise this past Tuesday. While on property 54 students had the opportunity to go on a tree and wildflower identification hike and investigate the skulls and pelts of Ohio’s native mammal species. We hope to host this group again in the future! If you know of small or large organizations and/or classrooms interested in on-site conservation sciences program have a representative reach out to us at tbutler@terradise.org.

On August 21st Terradise will be hosting an Olentangy River Clean-up in partnership with Del-Co Water and the Olentangy Watershed Alliance. We would be happy to welcome any volunteers that may be interested. We will be starting north of Caledonia, near the Aqua Station, and floating south while removing litter and debri from the waterway. This clean-up will serve as a major step in conservation for the village of Caledonia and the river flowing south to Terradise. Boats and floats are not required, but will make the day a little more enjoyable.

This project is subject to change as weather and/or river levels may jeopardize the safety of our volunteers.

There is buzz around the Terradise Board that we may be planning a larger community event to take place the afternoon of the River Clean-up. “Cheeseburgers in Terradise” it has been cleverly named! More information to come!

-Tyler, Terradise Nature Center

2021 Calendar
2021 Calendar

2021 Terradise Calendar

Our 2021 Wildlife Calendar, feature scenes from around Marion and Morrow County, are available on our website! We are beyond thrilled to have so many accomplished, local photographers and artists represented in this year’s edition. All proceeds will be utilized in upcoming community conservation projects.

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Citizen Science

Along the Olentangy


CSAO is a palette of seven programs with the goal of introducing grades k-8 to the scientific process and amateur data collection through their natural resources. Programs include wildlife surveys, water quality monitoring and more.

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The Romine Residence is the central structure on property. This quant abode, finished in 1952, houses 70 years of Terradise history. Rent long-term through Air bnb or contact us to schedule an event.

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Twelve unique volunteer opportunities hosted by Terradise throughout 2021. These projects are great for all ages and include events, such as, duck box building, habitat restoration and river clean-ups.

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