Feet on the Ground; Hands-On Conservation


With support from the Marion Community Foundation’s, ElliRay Fund, Terradise’s “Feet on the Ground, Hands on Conservation” project aims to connect our community with their natural resource.

Each month (12 events in total) Terradise will be partnering with local businesses and organizations to host a volunteer driven event that will have a direct and measurable effect on local wildlife. Events vary in scope, location and duration. Visit our projects by-month for more information.

These experiences are great for all ages and ability levels, only requiring a drive to make a positive impact.


Our “Hands-on Conservation” opportunities are provided to volunteers at no cost.

Volunteering and Questions:

Director, Tyler Butler ([email protected])


Thank You

Thank you to all of our community partners and volunteers generously offering their time, efforts and expertise in guaranteeing the success of “Feet on the Ground; Hands-on Conservation.”



January – Holiday Tree Collection for Fish Habitat

February – Prairie Clearing and Brush Piles

March – Wood Duck Box Kits and Installation

April – Caledonia Roadside Clean-up

May – Bird-a-thon

June – ECO Camp

July – Herpetology Survey

August – Olentangy River Clean-up

September – Tree Planting

October – Rabbitat and Trail Clearing

November – Conservation Funding

December – Owl Survey

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