Terradise Nature Center

The Terradise Nature Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization situated alongside the mighty Olentangy River just south of the quite village of Caledonia, Ohio. Rich in history, heritage and natural features our operations purpose is found in wildlife education, conservation and research informing our community about the Terradise Nature Preserve, Olentangy River and associated wetlands and forests. There’s quite a bit happening at Terradise these days, stop out for a visit! Hike the trails, fish the pond, watch a sunset, do some science!

Our Mission…

“To inform and engage our communities in their natural history, heritage and resources.”

We are proud to be moving forward with our mission in several areas including community engagement in their natural resource, the education of our youth and the unique experience of lodging in the Romine House, the centerpiece of our property.

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Our Programs…

It is widely accepted that environmental education, in the classroom or through science-based media, rarely changes individual behavior, rather, direct experience in nature is often the key to shaping beliefs that will lead to attitudes and action positively affecting local natural resources and community health.

Our method of experiential learning is designed to not only inspire our youth, but to give them the tools and access needed for making measurable efforts and meaningful change.


Feet on the Ground; Hands-on Conservation

2021 will bring our area the “Feet on the Ground, Hands on Conservation” project. Each month (12 events in total) Terradise will be partnering with local businesses and organizations to host a volunteer driven event that will have a direct and measurable effect on local wildlife. Events vary in scope, location and duration. Visit our projects by-month for more information. Great for all ages! Support provided by the Marion Community Foundation’s, ElliRay Fund.


Property Rentals

Folks also have the opportunity to rent the quant Residence on property left by the late Ray and Trella Romine. This 2 bedroom, 1 ½ bath, full kitchen and living space abode fulfilled Trella’s dream of living “on a hill, in a woods, by a river” when it was finished in 1953. Rental of the house offers the unique experience of a quiet get-away, always within ear and eyeshot of the Olentangy River.


Citizen Science Along the Olentangy

Small groups, of up to 20 individuals, can schedule a “Citizen Science along the Olentangy” (CSAO) visit to Terradise where the goal is to introduce children grades k-8 to the scientific method, citizen science and offer supplementary science education to local school districts. CSAO is a program palette featuring seven experiences, built in accordance with Ohio’s Learning Standards and Model Curriculum for Sciences. This may be through tree plot sampling, water quality testing, macro-invertebrate surveys and so-on. All data and observations acquired during the time of the visit will be archived on our website for classes and researchers to refer back to at any time. Support provided by the Marion Community Foundations, Health Fund.


Monthly BioBlitz

We are on a mission to document all of the living things that call our area home! A BioBlitz is simply an organized effort to document the diversity of life during a certain time and in a certain place. This is a self guided event, however, our Director will be on site and available. We invite our neighbors to partake in this event through three simple steps.

1. Visit the Terradise Nature Center on the 3rd Saturday of the month anytime between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

2. Take photos of the living things (Plants, Animals, Fungus) you come across during your visit.

3. Share your photos and experience with us via our Facebook Page or upload your findings to iNaturalist with a geo-tag.