Donate to Terradise

In order for the Terradise Nature Center to carry out our mission

“to inform and engage our communities in their natural history, heritage and resources” 

we depend on generous donors and member support. We humbly accept donations of any dollar amount. However, if you would like to donate toward a specific program need, below you will find donation amounts corresponding with the value of equipment we are interested in purchasing. Terradise Nature Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. Upon request we will send the proper tax documentation.


Checks Payable to:
Terradise Nature Center

Mailed to:
1536 Whetstone River Rd. N.

Caledonia, OH 43315

Terradise Nature Center also gladly accepts In-Kind Donations in the shape of programming materials, nature displays, bio-facts, etc. If you have materials you believe we could use in our efforts, please fill out the form below detailing the items of interest. Our staff will reach out to you shortly.