Bi-County Bird-a-thon

One of 12 volunteer projects, organized by Terradise Nature Center, as an entry of the “Feet on the Ground; Hands-on Conservation” Program. This program serves to directly involve the communities local to Caledonia, Ohio with their natural resources and wildlife conservation. Providing access to measurable efforts and meaningful change to our volunteers will ideally shift attitudes towards positive behavior for local woods and water.

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Ready to team up for conservation?
Join Terradise Nature Center and Headwaters Outdoor Education Center for one wild 24hr species survey.
Beginning at 5pm on Friday May 14th and lasting all the way through the 15th at 5pm, Marion and Morrow Counties will become the hub for one of Ohio’s largest avian species counts right in the midst of our neo-tropical warbler migration.
The goal of the Bi-County Bird-a-thon is to promote the citizen science of wildlife surveys and to educate our community on avian migration.
Teams must be assembled, up to six individuals, to utilize the 24hr period (May 14-15) for identifying the maximum amount of bird species possible. All public areas and green spaces in Marion and Morrow Counties are open for this event.
Teams can count more than one location of the 24hr period, but must remain as one unit throughout the count (no splitting up). Each team will choose a “Lead” that will be responsible for reporting after their team finishes spotting in each location.
To report, the team “Lead” will log onto and fill out a form including Team, Names, Area, Date/Time, and Area Species List. All species listed must have been positively identified by two or more members of their team.
Bird identification and species listing is reliant on the “honor system.” Teams can choose to bird for the entire 24hr period or for as long as they are comfortable.
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Terradise Nature Center:

1536 Whetstone River Road N.
Caledonia, Ohio, 43314

Director, Tyler Butler

[email protected]

Headwaters Outdoor Education Center:

5362 US Highway 42,
Mt. Gilead, Ohio, 43338

Mia Shotwell