Caledonia Roadside Clean-up

One of 12 volunteer projects, organized by Terradise Nature Center, as an entry of the “Feet on the Ground; Hands-on Conservation” Program. This program serves to directly involve the communities local to Caledonia, Ohio with their natural resources and wildlife conservation. Providing access to measurable efforts and meaningful change to our volunteers will ideally shift attitudes towards positive behavior for local woods and water.

Caledonia Clean-up

Happy Earth Day!

Terradise Nature Center, ECO Center, Marion County Recycling and Litter Prevention and Rob’s Hauling Dumpster Services have joined forces to plan and sponsor a Roadside Clean-up for the Village of Caledonia.

Our team will be stationed at Terradise Nature Center (subject to change) on April 25th from 1p.m. to 4p.m.
To participate, visit us within this time window to pick up your litter picker and trash bags. We will be tracking areas targeted and recommending areas of interest. Once you have your tools you are ready to clean up Caledonia! Once your bags are full and feet are tired, simply return you full bags to Terradise Nature Center where you will find a dumpster to place the bags in. All tools can be returned at this time as well. The dumpster will remain in place until April 26th.


You may tidy up the stretch of road in front of your own property, or pick an area you have on your own radar!

Marion County Recycling and Little Prevention is providing us with the litter pickers, safety vests and trash bags.

Rob’s Hauling Dumpster Services will be providing a receptacle and waste management for all litter removed from the roadside.

Please be safe and patrol for litter responsibly.
Wear bright colored clothing and walk on the shoulder of the roadway. Keep an eye out for passing traffic and never assume that the driver sees you. Only pick up litter you feel comfortable with and avoid trespassing on private property. Do not allow minors to participate without supervision from an adult (18+).

Most importantly, have fun! Let’s clean up Caledonia!

Terradise Nature Center:

1536 Whetstone River Road N.
Caledonia, Ohio, 43314

Director, Tyler Butler

[email protected]

ECO Center Llc:

1757 County Road 59,
Caledonia, Ohio, 43314

Owner, Emily Ollervides

[email protected]