Holiday Tree Collection for Fish Habitat

One of 12 volunteer projects, organized by Terradise Nature Center, as an entry of the “Feet on the Ground; Hands-on Conservation” Program. This program serves to directly involve the communities local to Caledonia, Ohio with their natural resources and wildlife conservation. Providing access to measurable efforts and meaningful change to our volunteers will ideally shift attitudes towards positive behavior for local woods and water.

Fish Habitat

Would you gift our native fish the joy of your retired holiday tree?

Terradise Nature Center and the Mount Gilead State Park are joining forces to provide the sportfish of Mount Gilead Lake with fresh habitat.

To do so, we need your help! If you celebrate the holidays with a live tree, of any sort, you can directly effect the wildlife in our beautiful public greenspaces. Get your hands-on conservation by taking one extra step this winter and consider dropping off your tree at either Terradise Nature Center or Mount Gilead State Park from Dec. 26th – Jan. 22nd.


Tree’s must be cleared of ALL decor.

Drop-offs are contactless and unscheduled.

Our goal is to sink 100 trees on January 23rd, 2021. If you are interested in volunteering on the day of the tree-sink please contact Terradise-Director, Tyler Butler, at [email protected].

Drop off instructions:

Terradise Nature Center:

1536 Whetstone River Road N.
Caledonia, Ohio, 43314
*Please drop trees in the empty lot across from (north of) the Romine House. There will be a designated drop-spot indicated by signage.

Mount Gilead State Park:

4119 State Route 95
Mount Gilead, Ohio, 43338
*This is the maintenance compound for the park, please be courteous. There will be a designated drop-spot indicated by signage.