Prairie Clearing and Wildflower Benefit – RESCHEDULED: March 13, 2021, 9am-2pm

One of 12 volunteer projects, organized by Terradise Nature Center, as an entry of the “Feet on the Ground; Hands-on Conservation” Program. This program serves to directly involve the communities local to Caledonia, Ohio with their natural resources and wildlife conservation. Providing access to measurable efforts and meaningful change to our volunteers will ideally shift attitudes towards positive behavior for local woods and water.

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The black soils pinned between the Sandusky and Olentangy Rivers gave rise to the rich prairie-lands known as the Sandusky Plains in pre-cultivated Ohio. This enormous plot of land would have been rare in it’s time and contrasted with the dense eastern forests covering most of the Buckeye State. It has been the work of many to restore the species of this remnant ecosystem, including that of our founder, Trella Romine. Terradise is ready to step up to the task of managing the plots we have access to in order to restore a multi-acre portion of the once great prairie.
Terradise Nature Center and Natives in Harmony are combining our efforts to restore and replant species native to the Sandusky Plains on a 3-acre plot just north of the Nature Center.
The first step in doing this will be to remove all woody plants and invasive species (autumn olive, Canada goldenrod, multi-flora rose, non-native honeysuckle, etc.) from the area.
This is where we need your help.
Would you spend a day at Terradise learning to identify and remove non-native and detrimental plants to our local ecosystems, all while, playing a role in re-establishing a historic Ohio feature?
Once these plots are cleared Natives in Harmony will be generously providing their expertise and seeds to plant in the area over 2021. Natives in Harmony has been working diligently to provide North Central, Ohio and beyond with Ohio native plants for landscaping, land restoration and wildlife habitat. We are happy to be working with our friends and cannot what to see the benefits of this project for years to come!
Our goal is to eradicate and clear as much prairie-land as we can in a 5-hour workday on February, 27th 2021.
If you are interested in volunteering on the day of the Prairie Clearing for Wildflower Benefit please contact Terradise-Director, Tyler Butler, at [email protected].

Terradise Nature Center:

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Natives in Harmony:

4652 Township Road 179
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