Thank You for a Wonderful Grand Opening!

A very heart-felt thank you goes out to all the attendees of our grand opening at the Terradise Nature Center last weekend! Around 40 people arrived to recognize the official opening and commemorate the 103rd birthday of Trella Romine. It was Trella’s life ambition to see her homestead and the surrounding natural habitats at Terradise become a place where future generations could come to experience, appreciate, and learn about nature just as she had for over 60 years.

Gale Martin and Jed Haldeman cut the opening ceremony ribbon while Dick Cooper and Dave Decker look on.

Cub Scout Den 106 from Bucyrus was in attendance to raise the first flag using their newly donated flagpole to kick off the opening ceremony. Board members David Haldeman, Gale Martin, Diane Watson, Dick Cooper, Dave Decker, and Jed Haldeman led introductions by describing their involvement and personal connections to Trella and Terradise.

Boy Scout troop 106 kicking off the opening ceremony.

We were fortunate enough to have perfectly comfortable fall weather and a great amount of sunshine despite the rain from earlier in the week that had left the woods flooded and inaccessible. The upper levels around the house provided plenty of space for our exhibitors to set up and attendees to walk the grounds and take in the seasonal changes. Gale Martin’s Natives in Harmony brought free Sky Blue Asters for all to take home and Carl Snyder put on an entertaining and informative display of craftsmanship with his hand powered coal forge and ironwork.

Gale Martin giving away Sky Blue Asters from Natives in Harmony

Carl Snyder performs a blacksmithing demonstration.

A special thank you should be extended to those who have become members of the Terradise Nature Center and those who have given to our GoFundMe campaign. Our vision for Terradise could not be realized without these generous donations.

As our work advances, our efforts will be focused on preserving the historical, cultural, and natural heritage of Marion County. We look forward to bringing this enrichment to the community and we welcome all to the newly established Terradise Nature Center. More about our membership program can be found here.

Sky Blue Asters from Natives in Harmony.

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