Visit the Marion County Park District’s Terradise Nature Preserve

Marion County Park District’s Terradise Nature Preserve is adjacent to the Terradise Nature Center. Accessible from Marion-Williamsport Rd off of 746. Below are directions to the preserve from the nature center:



Welcome to the Terradise Nature Preserve. May your visit here be pleasant as you enjoy a walk through the woods along the Whetstone (Olentangy) River. In the winter you will find animal tracks to identify. In the spring wildflowers abound. During the summer nearly 40 species of trees and shrubs can be identified by their leaves. On a crisp autumn day you will see walnuts and hickory nuts on the ground. The lane to the river was originally the MarionWilliamsport Road that forded the river at the bend. Men on horseback and even wagons crossed easily, but when the 1913 flood altered the course of the river, and automobiles were becoming common, the ford became impassible and the road was abandoned. Now it is the lane that continues in a trail that circles the Terradise Nature Preserve. It is also the southern boundary of the Preserve. The main preserve area is accessed from State Route 746 south of Caledonia at the dead end of the Marion Williamsport Road. The Junior River Patrol Boat launching parking lot is located east of the Romine home at 1536 Whetstone River Road North.


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